Diss Between the Game and Meek Mill

Looks like Meek Mill has another rap enemy to deal with.

Power 105’s The Breakfast Club debuted a song by The Game called “92 Bars” that finds the Compton MC throwing darts at Meek—and even nudging Nicki Minaj in the process.

Game alludes to his former Philly friend snitching on him before moving on to some new threats:

And ever since that nigga snitched on me we just don’t speak
See that shit you got with Drake is like a slow leak
Blood’ll be dripping like Niagara if I poke MeekNicki won’t get no sleep, I’m coming through at 4 a.mFour deep, to leave his dead body on the soaked sheets
He mentions snitching again later in the verse (although it’s unclear what he’s referring to) before zeroing in on Nicki:

Nigga you know that I’ll snap you like a toothpickAnd snitching on niggas ain’t never been no cool shitAnd I’ve been wanting to give Nicki this pool stickSo tell your lil' vibrant thing come fuck with Q-Tip
The release of “92 Bars,” which is the closing track to Game’s upcoming 1992, comes after Game called out Meek last night at a performance in Miami. “I just wanna beat that nigga ass one good time,” he said. “Fuck Meek Mill.”

Meek and Game’s fallout seems sudden—the two artists collaborated as recently as last year (“The Soundtrack”). Meek has also appeared on Game’s 2012 projects Jesus Piece (“Scared Now”) and California Republic (“The Drill”).

Aside from Meek, Game mentions other contemporaries, “Control”-style. Usual Game name-dropping stuff:

I'mma start fucking them Dej Loafs and Dreezy’s
I'mma start beefing with Cole, Drizzy and corn row Kenny
The title of “92 Bars” is a nod to a Game freestyle series that dates back more than 10 years. He’s also dropped the infamous G-Unit diss “300 Bars & Runnin',” as well as “240 bars” and “100 Bars (The Funeral).” Meek has yet to publicly respond to the latest episode.

You can listen to “92 Bars” and read the full lyrics here.

Just now that I'm writing this post,Meek has indirectly addressed Game and “92 Bars” via his Instagram account. Alongside a photo of himself next to Nicki flipping his middle fingers, he writes: “U wanna fight? Next morning a diss raps…… Then the pre-order links! THE JIG IS UP YALL GUYS REAL RAPPERS! Make sure y'all go support them industry cats!”
Upcoming Dis Rap tomorrow morning lets see if the game is up for a diss rap battle and any of them could call me to back em up,lol

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