KOREA: Choi Soon-sil faces seven years in prison

KOREA: Choi Soon-sil faces seven years in prison
This article was written by Lee Kyung-min

Chung Yoo-ra, 21, the most-wanted fugitive in the corruption scandal that removed former President Park Geun-hye from office returned home, Wednesday, 150 days after she was arrested in Denmark while in hiding.

Chung, the daughter of Choi Soon-sil, Park’s longtime friend and the central figure in the scandal, arrived at Incheon International Airport at 2:39 p.m.

Note: This post is not a property of MARAPOVA, it was copied from The Korean Times

At the airport, she said she did not know Samsung Group’s financial support for her dressage practice was a favor for the alleged collusion between the business group and her mother.

The former dressage competitor said she was not aware that she was the primary beneficiary of Samsung Group’s support, switching responsibility to her mother.

“I did not particularly think the support was for me alone. I was told (by my mother) that I was one of six dressage competitors Samsung sponsored, and I believed that,” she told reporters.

Note: This post is not a property of MARAPOVA, it was copied from The Korean Times

The prosecution arrested following her arrival on a flight from Amsterdam where she transferred after leaving Denmark, and is expected to seek a warrant to put her in custody as early as today.

Chung also said she did not know about the relationship between her mother and former President Park, adding she thought it was unfair for her to take responsibility for what happened between the two.

Note: This post is not a property of MARAPOVA, it was copied from The Korean Times

“I was detained in Denmark and I was not able to hear or watch stories about my mother. My lawyer only told me that my mom was standing trial and the schedule for her sentencing was not finalized,” she said.

Chung said she had nothing to comment about on the influence-peddling scandal because she did not know anything specific about it. She was taken to the Seoul Central Prosecutors’ office for questioning.

Her comments are largely considered a defense strategy for her upcoming trial, as consistent denial of any knowledge about allegations will help her deny responsibility and avoid subsequent punishment.

Choi, former President Park and Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong were all indicted on bribery charges with Chung being the core beneficiary.

Her statements to the prosecution in the coming weeks could affect the future of ongoing investigations as what she unwittingly said could prove crucial facts in connection with numerous allegations in ongoing trials.

Chung said she understood that Ewha Womans University canceled her admission because she was absent for entire semesters.

“I never wanted to go to university in the first place,” she said. “I don’t even know what my major was. I have nothing more to say on that issue. I’m sorry.”

She said she did not attend the admission interview at the university wearing a dressage competitor uniform, denying the allegation she tried to indirectly identify herself with the judging panel for them to give her a better appraisal.

“I did not wear the uniform as I was pregnant at the time. But I did bring my gold medal with me because my mother told me to. I brought it to interviews at Ewha and Chung-Ang.”

Her return increases expectations that she will be held accountable over her suspected involvement in a string of criminal activities she has so far managed to avoid mainly due to her mother’s enormous sway with the former president.

Chung said she was sorry for having posted a controversial message on Facebook in December 2014, “If you can’t afford it, blame your parents. Don’t tell my wealthy and influential parents what to do. (Having) money is competence.”

Chung told reporters, “I was too young then. I guess I just snapped at the time because I heard so many times that I was a dressage competitor only because I was rich.”

The Facebook comment, which set off a firestorm nationwide soon after it was reported, drew fierce protests especially among young adults struggling with unemployment amid the protracted sluggish economy.

Many in their 20s coined the term “(born with an) earth spoon in their mouths,” in sarcastic self-deprecation as opposed to those born with a silver spoon such as Chung.

The outrage was further fueled following allegations she was granted numerous favors from Ewha Womans University involving admissions and grading, due to her mother’s influence on school faculty members including former President Choi Kyung-hee.

The school’s former admissions officer Namkung Gon, dean of physical education Kim Kyung-sook and media studies professor Lyou Chul-gyun, whose penname is Lee In-hwa, were all indicted along with Choi Kyung-hee.

 Source: The Korean Times
This Post was Copied and Not a Property of Marapova.
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