[Story]: The Blind Celebrity by Evans Kelechi

The Blind Celebrity by Evans Kelechi
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The Blind Celebrity

Diana was a teenage girl. She was very pretty but had only a fault in life, blindness. She wasn’t born like that but some measles out break in the kindergarten she attended had taken her eye sight along. Her parents tried everything possible to save her sight at that very young age but all their efforts proved abortive. It was when they decided to let go of the matter and face their oppositions. They knew that since they had traveled to India and some European nations for her treatment, and could not, and then there was nothing they could do. They brought her back home and let her at the mercy of blindness. She attended a special school and perfected in the use of Braille dots, as well as other symbols associated with the blind.

It was in her primary school that her parents noticed that she had a music talent and decided to give a special music academy a try. There was none in their province and so they sent her off to another province where she had to board. She would fly to school and then be met at the airport by the school official who would take her to the school. When returning, they would board another flight for her and her parents would pick her up at the other end. This they did every term until her SS3, by then she had mastered many of the instruments. Her skills on the piano were very marvelous. Whenever she handled the guitar at church people always knew it was Diana on the spot. Even the drums were very good at her hands. She also had a very nice voice that everyone knew that she might have headed the choir if not for her disability.

She got admission to study music and she pursued her degree in there. Her notes were interpreted into Braille dots and that cost her parents some extra. They had to do this since she was an only daughter, and her only brother was already a pharmacist abroad. He was supporting his parents from the United Kingdom where he resided and that was a great relief. Daniel, as he was known was two years older than Diana. He had suffered from the same measles but his immunity withstood it and he was treated. The reverse was the case of his sister who would have even died, had his parents been some penny poorer. This means that if it wasn’t some buoyant parents that catered for Diana, she would have been lost.

Daniel knew what his sister passed through and that was why immediately he had of her admission, he was so happy. He had a dream that his sister would be a musician and music tutor and he was firing towards that. It was in her two hundred-level that a competition came up in the country. It was sponsored by NEPA, a powerful telecommunication company in the country. They were looking for their annual “NEPA Voice Of The Year”. The form was free and as such, the competition was so much. There were over fifteen million applications for just an award and only one winner will emerge eventually. Diana got a form even though she was scared that she wouldn’t make it. The competition would first take place at the state level, and then the nationals would follow.

At the local level two winners would emerge from each province, and then they would converge at the national for the final competition. There would be only a winner and a runner up. The rest who made it to the national would just be compensated and that ends it. She wrote a song for the competition, and the song had a lot to do about her blind state. She told the story of her life and before she could finish, people were already crying. Well their tears were to her advantage because the all voted for “BLIND DIANA”, the name she had used to enter. They reached the national and she used the same song, this time around the First Lady of the country was crying along as she ran to hug the poor blind girl.

Her parents were there, together with Daniel. Everyone had tears of joy on their eyes that night. She was declared the winner. No one was surprised because even the gap she gave to the runner-up was double. Here was a blind lady who out mastered all the able and emerged the winner, yet blind people would fill the streets of Africa asking for alms. Let us learn to stand for ourselves. You have no excuses for failure, and no one wants to know how you made it. We just want to hear that you made it. Stand up to your feet, buckle up and get into the labor market. You too can be the next celebrated celebrity. Give life a try and you’ll be glad you did.

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