[Story]: First Year in University by Evans Kelechi

First Year in University by Evans Kelechi
Facebook stories by Evan Kelechi


When I first got admission into the university, I was thinking that I would be a boss there already or maybe a-would be a kind of experienced chap. I thought the level of maturity I had acquired in my secondary education was enough to take me through my university education. Well I had though so, but it didn’t go that way for me.

First day I was in my hostel, and then an announcement was made for a hostel meeting. I came out with my novice room mate and we were sitting together at a corner. Some of the hostel executives were present or maybe all of them. The president was addressing us and it was all about money. They wanted the year one students to pay for some stuff which were undefined.

It was evident that they wanted to a kind of dupe us but we had no advocate. They asked us to pay for stickers, calendars, gate pass and other irrelevant stuffs. We were arguing with them and then a girl spoke up. Her name was Rita and she was to be my friend later on. She was putting on a pair of boom shorts and only brassieres. I felt embarrassed having her sit beside me. She was leaning on me and was rubbing her br3asts on me and that made me very uncomfortable. How could she be doing such? It was not ethical but I was enjoying it. She knew I was and when I tried moving, she just acted ignorant and left, but deep inside me I wished she didn’t, but I couldn’t talk since I was shy then. She protested the money but no one listened to her? Wasn’t she a newbie then and a newbie had no saying anywhere?

The meeting was concluded and we left to our rooms murmuring. There was light and I was eating, charging my phone, and using it as well. I was sitting beside my room mate who was already deep into sleep and then I heard a knock. I was scared at first because I had heard much news of cultists and the Imo State University. I waited and the soft knock came again and a little soprano voice, “Please open, it’s Rita.” My heart missed a leap but I was shy too. I opened the door and was feeling a little nervous. “Has your room mate slept?” she inquired. I replied yes. We both were still standing at the door and I was confused on the next action to take.

She noticed and said, “Open the door let me come in, or don’t you want me to? I just blushed a bit and cut her off, “Noo…how can? She got in and the only stool in my room was filled with my books and assignments, so she just sat on my bed. We were looking at each other speechless and then she spoke up. “Please help me with your phone let me try my number” she said and was smiling. I wasn’t suspecting anything, but my Facebook was online so I asked her to use my roommates own. She protested and insisted on using my own. I was surprised and told her to forget about it, after all phone was phone.
She got offended and stood up to leave and it was when I closed the Facebook application and just helped her. She thanked me, wished me good night and left. I didn’t understand why she did that until that night, I got a good night text message. It was the sweetest I had ever gotten from a girl and I could not stop reading it. It was evident that Rita was crushing on me and I knew that. She was fair, average-in-height, pretty and a classic girl. I loved her but I didn’t know how to say it, and now she was doing. I hopped into Google that night and got my own text message. We were chatting with text messages that night until my air time finished, and I had to dial *500#, and you know what? I wasn’t eligible to borrow. I just murmured, this Airtel people had done their worst.

The next morning I prepared and left for school. As I was coming back, I saw her boarding a keke and I knew she was probably heading to Douglas or Whetheral Road. I got home and when I got into my room, mo room mate told me that Rita had looked for me. She dropped a message that P square, Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and other celebrities were coming to Owerri. She told me to call if I didn’t have the Glo text message which was the criteria for entrance into the Imo International conference Center. I got to the place and called her, then she forwarded the SMS to me and I came in and sat beside her. It was very late and she leaned her head on my laps and slept off. I was supposed to feel uncomfortable, having a girl lie on my laps but I wasn’t a bit. I even liked the feeling. She was sleeping deeply but not snoring and I was playing with her hair. It was very long and smooth, and she had no attachments so she would have kept it for a very long time.

I tried bursting a pimple on her face, and then she woke up and looked at me. We had an eye lock, then she smiled and took hers off, I got a pass mark. Something in me pushed me to say I love you, and when I tried, what came out of my mouth was “I love your hair”. She understood my feelings and replied, “I love you too”. Then she lay down again, even though I knew she wasn’t sleeping. She only wanted to occupy my legs so that I wouldn’t look at the girl beside me. The girl was pretty and was capable of snatching me away from her. The show finished before morning and there was no keke, so we had to trek. When we got to the hostel, she got into her room and I went to mine, and slept off. I had not been in love before and I now knew what it meant.

It was the next day that I knew what a heart break meant. She came to where I was and told me that her parents had a change of plans for her. She had gotten admission to SRM University, India to study nursing and was leaving IMSU any time from then. I was speechless when I heard that. “But was it…” I could not complete statement anymore. I just knew that it would never be easy for me to get over it. She had known this and that was why she invited me that the Glo Music Trek Africa the previous night and now I knew why she was behaving odd that night ad the show. She promised to always remember me and that she would come back to meet me, but I can’t tell of the possibility.

She left after a week to go and pursue her dreams at India. Since then we have been communicating, and I’m praying that she would come back to still love me. I found it impossible to love as no one would ever love me as Rita again in life, and I would never love anyone else as her. A day without SkypeTM with her would be incomplete for me. I keep praying for her everyday that God would guide her through her years in Asia and we would meet each other again. I’m presently in my fourth year, Medical Laboratory Science in Imo State University, Imo State, Nigeria and she’s in her third year, nursing science, SRM University India. Even though it’s been a while, we’ve changed, we’ve advanced in age, but our love is still the same.

Written by Evan Kelechi Okoro
Thanks for reading 💔
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