[Story]: The Fresher's Night by Evans Kelechi Okoro

"If I had known that the world was so evil, I would have been more careful. Only if I knew that no one could be trusted, I would have made better decisions!" Mary was crying in a very bitter tone. She was no more the normal Mary. Someone had taken something from her, but that was not the most painful part, the most painful part was that it was her cousin!
What had happened? She had come to her cousin's hostel to stay with him for some time. Her cousin stayed in a part of the school normally associated with the "men" in the school. They were the bigger boys and girls in campus and no decision could be made without their knowledge. No one knew exactly if he was a cultist, but they knew that there was scarcely any day girls never slept in his room, and girls were after him. He was very handsome, and was a rich student.

It happened that his cousin just finished her WAEC exams and was bored at home, that leading her to come to the capital city and since she had only one cousin in school, it fell out that he must be the one to host her. She came around, and was in the school hostel for some weeks. She had many friends, and even made friends with his brothers multiple sex partners. They were to have their fresher's night, and everyone was waiting in anticipation for the great day. It was a day when the hundred level students would be hosted to an all night party, after which they would be known as full students of the campus. So when that particular night, they had their Fresher's Night, everyone was high from drugs.

Frank, Mercy's cousin and host was also drunk. He was the director of socials in the hostel and was very much addicted to substances. That night after taking the alcohol in excess, he came home and the first person and only person in his room was his cousin. She wore her most seductive clothe to the party that night. She was putting on a slightly transparent purple gown, which pushed her boobies up and sent her backside hanging up. She wasn't a fresher, but she was more experienced than all. She came to the room and her brother wasn't in, so she began changing. She was still putting on only her tight and bra when her brother pushed the door and drunkenly staggered in. He sat down and began acting strangely that night. Firstly, he called her "sweetheart". The name sweetheart wasn't a bad name, or wasn't anything bad but the whole episodes were unraveling. He was seeing his cousin as another person, and was a very dirty person in person.

Next thing, he vomited and she was feeling very bad. She didn't really like the idea of having a drunken cousin. She just started cleaning up and Frank was lying down, then suddenly he rose with speed and grabbed her from back. She was there struggling and fighting hard, trying to stop the abominations that were about to happen. They were still struggling when he tore her tight apart. She was left in her bra and panties, trying to find a way to appease her desires. She would have if there was anything she could have done, to stop him.

Before one could pronounce Jack Robinson, the poor girl's remaining pieces of clothing were already torn into shambles. She was shouting but because of the loud music, no one seemed to hear. Everyone was busy in their own rooms fulfilling their fleshly desires. She now stopped fighting and started begging. "Frank, please don't do this!" tears could be noticed on her voice and she was so sorrowful, "I'm still a virgin." She was pleading but the power of alcohol was superior to her pleas.
"Ok, wait let me do it quietly." He said and laughed very loudly and wickedly. "Give me a chance baby, I promise it wouldn't hurt you."
"But I'm your cousin nah" She pleaded. "Ok…only the head will…" he didn't give a chance, "You dey waste my time this girl!" and then rushed her. He didn't waste time in finding his way into her and within five minutes, he was over and came down, then he slept off. Mary was lying down, and her breasts were all left bare. Her brassieres were all left shattered on the ground, and her pants were not better. The gown she put on that night was also nothing to write home about, she had tried using it to protect herself and he tore them apart. She was now left to regret, but that was an after effect. She started regretting lying to her parents about coming to the capital city. She started regretting ever thinking about even coming here. She started regretting not passing her night at the church vigil they had that day. But what could be done now? The milk had been spilled and there was nothing they could do again.

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@Evan Kelechi Okoro.
[Story]: The Fresher's Night by Evans Kelechi Okoro [Story]: The Fresher's Night by Evans Kelechi Okoro Reviewed by Paul Akuj Da Hybrid on 6/15/2017 07:43:00 pm Rating: 5

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