[Story]: My First Crush by Evan Kelechi Okoro

My First Crush by Evan Kelechi Okoro
Facebook Stories by Evan Kelechi Okoro
Read this one too, "My First Crush" by your favorite writer "Evan Kelechi Okoro", read,enjoy and share.

My First Crush

 This is a short drama. It’s about two people, a male and a female. The male had been making unaccepted advances on the female. It’ just what happens in reality, where a girl will love you, yet she wouldn’t accept your proposal. She would like to prolong her acceptance and make sure you are wearied before acceptance, that’s if she would eventually accept you. Many guys loose hope and may eventually move on with life, and then you come…

Girls should consider reading this very well, because it’s more of an advice to them. Take it to your heart; know that even the males are humans, and that the most skilled of hunters will eventually leave that animal he chases for a long time to move on!

Girl: I miss you…
Boy: and so?

Girl: I really did…
Boy: Ok!

Girl: I am very sorry.
Boy: Ah Ah…what for again?

Girl: For ignoring you so many a times.
Boy: It is ok… I got used to your character, then began forgetting, and gradually moved on with life.

Girl: [stammering]…I…you see I… I tried forgetting but you see we were meant to be.
Boy: [angrily] IT IS OK!

Girl: I’m sorry dear…
Boy: You know what happened? I thought I couldn’t eventually get you, and so moved on with life. That was what happened. I advice you do same with yours, I mean move on.

Girl: Wait ooo, am I too late?
Boy: Too late for what?

Girl: To date you…
Boy: you know I loved you, and would have been the happiest if you said that few months ago, but they all turned to wishes upon a star, so I moved on. Then I stopped hopping and became happier.

Girl: I’m sorry dearie. I’m here to make your dreams come to pass.
Boy: Oh I’m sorry too. But your space in my heart has been occupied.

Girl: Wow…so nice. Who is that? Can I get to meet her?
Boy: Nup! She doesn’t wanna meet you…

Girl:Why? Hope I didn’t offend her?
Boy:[slowly replied] not at all! She doesn’t just wanna meet who hurt me the most.

Girl: [sad and opens mouth but speechless]
Boy: You see Rita; it’s my turn to say sorry. I had always loved you, but you broke my heart. Now I have to let go and move on with life. She’s at the back waiting for me, in the absence of any other words, I take my leave. GOODBYE!

She kept her head down and walked away.

The End
Thanks for ur time..
[Story]: My First Crush by Evan Kelechi Okoro [Story]: My First Crush by Evan Kelechi Okoro Reviewed by Paul Akuj Da Hybrid on 6/28/2017 10:59:00 am Rating: 5

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