Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari 812 Superfast Review
Hey guys, have you seen the all new 2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast designed by Ignacio Albera, damn its supper cool, smoove,sleek and damn fucking hot.This another Ferrari product you should have in your collection of cars as for me, I'm waiting for when I hit big, I'm gon get myself one.

Ferrari 812 Superfast
The 812 SF (I guess I have given it a new name) is a front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive grand tourer and it made its debut (wait did you think debut was only meant for new music, nah anything new is a debut) at the  2017 Geneva Motor Show. Well lets not talk much and get more into its features, lets review the 812 SF.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Features

The Ferrari 812 SF has a lot of cool features that will make you fall in love with it. So lets see some of this features below;
1. Body and chassis;
Ferrari 812 Superfast

Its a Grand tourer (S) like I mentioned above. It got a 2-door berlinettaand its layout comprises of a Front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive.
Ferrari 812 Superfast

2. Powertrain;
Now you wondered why it is called the Superfast (I call it SF), it got a 6.5 V12 engine unlike the Ferrari car before it (I.E the F12berlinetta, I will also write a review on that one too.), it also The engine produces 800 PS (588 kW, 789 bhp) at 8,500 rpm and 718 N·m (530 lbf·ft) of torque at 7,000 rpm, you see damn its fast.

Ferrari 812 Superfast
And for the transmission,it got a 7 Speed dual clutch system, you still don't get it,The Ferrari 812 SF has been tested and i got a top speed of over 221 mph (355 km/h) with a 0–62 mph (0–100 km/h) acceleration time of 2.9 seconds. Don't tell me you are not amazed at this.

3. Dimensions;
Ferrari 812 Superfast

The Ferrari 812 SF has a total length of 4,657mm, a width of 1,971mm and height of 1,276mm. If you ever see one with the dimensions bigger, taller or heavier than this, know that it wasn't designed by Ignacio Albera and it got no affilition with Ferrari or my SF. The Wheelbase is 2,720mm.

The review ain't over bro, but I think I'm good for today, check back soon for the complete and to make it easier subscribe to our blog and recieve notifications when we update.
Ferrari 812 Superfast Ferrari 812 Superfast Reviewed by Shun Hybrid on 7/25/2017 04:34:00 pm Rating: 5

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