"VOICE OF COURAGE" (Letter To The Ghetto Kids) by Evan Kelechi Okoro

"VOICE OF COURAGE" (Letter To The Ghetto Kids) by Evan Kelechi Okoro
Facebook Stories by Evan Kelechi 
Your fovorite writer is here with a new write up which he titled "VOICE OF COURAGE" (Letter To The Ghetto Kids) this one got me again like all his write up does, so I've posted it on this blog for you all to read and digest.

Yesterday I boarded a keke from okigwe road to azikiwe in aba...when I got in, the driver pointed at a written note hanging on the rear mirror for me to read..... "My name is Emeka,i am 21 yrs, am a good citizen of this country. Am a deaf and dumb. Instead of allowing hunger to kill me, I decided to ride kele on hire purchase of #750,000. Pls if you want to drop kindly touch me so that I can stop you.".....
After reading this, I couldn't just stop the tears dropping from my eyes... when I got down, I was touched from within to pray for him..I held his hands and prayed for him(for the first time in my life,I was bold enough to pray outside)...
This encounter lighted up a flame within me,of desire, hope and aspirations.
If a deaf and dumb can stop up for himself in this cold world why can't you? If a deaf and dumb can pick a hustle why can't you?
Many are crying everyday. Many people are broke, and still many are running out of supplies. Life is not meant to be so. You have to stand up for yourself bro. sorry you came into this world alone. You are leaving alone. NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW HOW YOU MADE IT; WE JUST WANT TO HEAR THAT YOU MADE IT!
Its all left with your conscience, struggle for the best and leave the rest. You've got a conscience, never let it die or the things you do will amuse you. Many that murdered theirs curse themselves on a daily. Leave as if there is a God, if there is none, you loose nothing but if there is one, you gain everything.
Never say “never”! Never say I can't! You can.! That little hobby of yours can turn you into a billionaire. A little support from your family and friends, you get a lot of fans. You surely want to be a star, I too do, and we all want even if we never say it. You would love people to transport miles just to see you life, then start up something. Sister if you are a guru in the kitchen but cannot start a fast food, start up some cooking tutorials, make some videos and send to YouTube, they’ll surely pay off. Dear bro, stop seeing yourself performing on stage and people shouting and hailing.
Stop putting yourself in the shoes of people like Don Moen, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Rihanna and the rest of successful fellows, they were all once like you. Stop hiding behind your fears, loose and you
gain balance again, there are many days ahead. Stop wasting your time and resources on social networking sites, they are precious.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the rest of them have made people billionaires and are still making people. You don't necessarily have to be Mark Zuckerberg or a CEO of your own to make it from there; it's already a kind of saturated. Yet you can be a ceo, making millions in door, within the dark corners of your room, and no EFCC will chase you.
You want to know how? It's all left to you. That stuff you enjoy doing might be beneficial to some one elsewhere. If you enjoy singing, you might be the upcoming musician we've been waiting for. Who knows? If you can write very well, people are making some living from writing. You can be one of them. Write some stuff and sell them off online. Sign up for sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Iproo etc. there are so many of them and all free to sign up. You can start a blog, or mini website. It pays off with time.
You don't have to be lazy, and never be afraid of loosing. That's what I want to say. Try today and you'll make it. This is a voice of courage. Think positive, try ten times, never quit until death. Something is going to pay you a tip off sometime, and some bigger dollars with time. No poverty is allowed in the world now. If you think you are too late, check these out:
New York is three hours ahead of California but that doesn't slow down California.
Some people graduated at the age of twenty-two but never had a job in seven years…why not be your own boss?
Someone became a ceo at fifty years and he lived till a hundred and twelve years…didn’t he enjoy life late on?
Obama retired at fifty-five years but Trump started at seventy-years…they both still arrived.
Someone is married but she was once single…isn't it all “was”?
Dream! you till have it within you! Work hard,pray and believe in God that things will be ok.
There is no hurry in life. Move at your own pace, along your time zone and you'll be surprised at how short your journey is.

@Evan Kelechi Okoro
You can email  Evankelechi299@gmail.com to sponsor and contact. You can thank me later for this post by dropping your comments.
"VOICE OF COURAGE" (Letter To The Ghetto Kids) by Evan Kelechi Okoro "VOICE OF COURAGE" (Letter To The Ghetto Kids) by Evan Kelechi Okoro Reviewed by Paul Akuj Da Hybrid on 7/08/2017 11:19:00 am Rating: 5

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