Cannadian Accused of Spying in China

A Canadian man who ran a bistro in China is accused of spying and taking state insider facts, state media reported Thursday.

Kevin Garratt was arraigned by prosecutors in the northeastern city of Dandong, where his trial will be held, the state-run Xinhua news organization said.

Powers confined Garratt and his wife Julia in August 2014. She was discharged on safeguard a year ago, Canadian telecaster CBC reported, however her spouse stayed in authority pending an examination.

Chinese specialists "discovered proof which involves Garratt in tolerating undertakings from Canadian secret activities organizations to assemble insight in China," Xinhua said.

The couple's youngsters have criticized their guardians' 2014 capture as absurd.

Simeon Garratt told Hong Kong's South China Morning Post that the affirmations were "uncontrollably foolish" and "insane."

At the time, he portrayed his guardians as "straightforwardly Christian" and said they were included in sending nourishment help to North Korea. He told the daily paper the allegations "(sound) like something some person made up. I truly don't know why. It's equitable so ludicrous."

Canada finds the prosecution "concerning" and has examined the case with the Chinese government, a Global Affairs Canada representative said. Consular authorities are giving help to the couple and checking advancements, the representative said.

Canada's Conservative Party called for authorities to push for Garratt's discharge and said it was concerned the prosecution could be a piece of a more extensive crackdown on global nongovernmental association laborers in China.

"This case‎ has been worried to Canadians for a long time. We are likewise profoundly worried for Mr. Garratt's wife, Julia, who stays under a type of house capture in China," the announcement said. "We are asking the administration of Canada to utilize each political road accessible to advocate for the Garratts
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